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Author, Public Speaker

If There’s Anything I Can Do

What Should I Say, What Can I Do


How many times have those words been spoken to people who are taking care of an ill family member or who have suffered a devastating loss?  People do want to help others but they often do not know the best way to be of assistance.

Meet Rebecca (Becca) Feldbaum Steier.  Widowed at the age of 37 and left to raise four small children (the oldest seven), Becca has devoted her life to helping others through this emotional maze. Encouraged by her friends and family members, she took her experiences as a young widow to author two books filled with useful information, practical advice and unforgettable true stories. 


Becca’s books serve as a teaching tool that encompass an extraordinarily wide range of topics concerning how to help every family member in need from the main caregiver, to the sick patient to the siblings.  With her informative books and uplifting speaking engagements, she has touched the hearts of many who seek to understand the difficult times these families are going through.  


Becca, a native of Little Rock, Arkansas, currently lives in Monsey, New York with her second husband, Shmuel.  Her four children are now happily married as are her two step-children. When not writing articles, speaking to live or virtual audiences, or giving radio interviews, she spends her time entertaining her grandchildren.

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